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Pledge “Barnetmarch”

"I will march against cuts and privatisation in Barnet on 30 January but only if 20 other local people will do the same."

— Vicki Morris, Barnet resident

Deadline to sign up by: 30th January 2011
24 people signed up (4 over target)

Country: United Kingdom
Place: Barnet (view map)

More details
The Barnet Alliance for Public Services (BA4PS) has organised a march against cuts and privatisation in the London Borough of Barnet on Sunday 30 January. Assembling at 11am in Finchley Central, we march to the Arts Depot, north Finchley for an indoor rally with speakers, bands and food - all free! - from 1pm. More details:

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  • I support the march and we can only save public services if we pull together
    Rog T, 11 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • The Barnetmarch pledge is a tool to build the march against cuts and privatisation in the London Borough of Barnet. The march is on Sunday 30 January 2011, assemble 11.30am at Finchley Central tube station, march to the Arts Depot in north Finchley for a rally from 1pm. More details available here:

    We thought this was a good tool because Barnet council has set up its own PledgeBank - the difference from the original being that Barnet council vets the pledges sent to it.

    For the Conservative administration in Barnet, the purpose of their PledgeBank is to promote the Big Society idea. The problem is, they are proposing to residents that they do tasks which properly should be (and are better) done by the council. They say: "Barnet Pledgebank can be used to gather together people to get projects done. These can be tasks such as clearing snow and ice from pavements in the street, painting over graffiti or setting up computer classes in your area."
  • It should be remembered that the architect of easyBarnet seems to be Mike Freer who orchestrated the cuts in Barnet while he was still on the council - yet people voted for him!
    He left the sinking ship to the attack-dog Mr C. and his mates to finish it off.

    Mr Freer was seen outside Iceland East Finchley recently - he won't get our money back that way.
    Keith t, 10 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • I have been a resident of the London Borough, nearly, all of my life and I have never seen such huge attacks on local public services on this scale, before. Undoubtedly, I was motivated to relaunch Barnet Trades Union Council in 2008. But really, all local residents must unite against this unrepresentative council that was elected on a minority vote.
    Austin Harney, 10 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • I have put in an FOI request to see all the pledges put into barnet pledgebank - whether published or not. Should be fun!
    Richard, 10 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Hello, Richard, have you received a reply yet regarding the FOI?

    Best wishes,

    P.S. Don't worry - if you reply via a comment I get a notification - I think this is the only way we can communicate with each other about this!
    Vicki, 10 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • For info, anyone can contact Vicki (the pledge creator) by clicking the "contact" link next to her name near the top of this page. Here it is again:

    You could choose to include your own contact details in your message if you would like her to reply directly to you rather than in public in this comment thread.

    Hope that helps.
    Tim, PledgeBank admin, 10 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
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Vicki Morris, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • John Burgess
  • Paul Coles
  • Maggi Myland
  • ron cohen
  • julian silverman
  • Rog T
  • Steve Saunders
  • Tirza Waisel
  • Tracey Lowe
  • Kevin O'Gorman
  • Ruth Nyman
  • chris ward
  • Azza Rahman
  • Jane Bell
  • Xavier Hussain
  • Louis Smyth
  • Elliot Folan
  • Keith t
  • Joe Cohen
  • susie meszaros
  • Austin Harney
  • Alison Hughes
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