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Pledge “yesCASK”

"I will start a group called the Campaign for the Achievement of a Sustainable Knowle (CASK) in my area of Bristol but only if 10 other local people will do the same."

— Glenn Vowles, 85 Somerset Rd, Tel 9717023

Deadline to sign up by: 6th February 2009
12 people signed up (2 over target)

Country: United Kingdom
Postcode area: BS4 (view map)

More details
CASK would aim to assess the local area and establish exactly what changes are needed to make Knowle environmentally and socially sustainable. It would then campaign to find effective and practical ways to achieve those changes in the interest of the security, stability and quality of life. Lobbying for far better, cheaper public transport; much better cycling and pedestrian provision; protecting, enhancing and if possible increasing Knowle's open, green, natural spaces; pushing for the retention and improvement of locally available facilities, services, and jobs; education for sustainable living; promoting local energy saving and the micro-generation of energy; arguing for more local, ethical and organic food availability; encouraging home and allotment grown food; people taking personal responsibility to be more environmentally-friendly; and promoting broad based public participation in community life, are all likely areas of work.

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  • With most people in the UK having a huge environmental footprint (approx equal to needing at least 2-3 planets if everyone on Earth was the same) we certainly need to act! My neighbourhood and community is the most likely place where I will be able to have some impact and make a difference.
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Glenn Vowles, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • Helen Featherstone
  • Miguel Mendonca
  • Lee Townsend
  • Ruth Townsend
  • Elizabeth Ellis
  • bernie ritchie
  • Jill Phillips
  • Victoria Zastava
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