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Pledge “willnotconvict”

"I will , if asked to serve on a jury deliberating a violation of the law regarding the supply, intent to supply, import, export, production or possession of cannabis or ecstacy, while giving a fair hearing to both the crown and the defense, vote to acquit where I feel the law is unjust. but only if 10 other potential UK jurors will do the same."

— Alex McCabe, UK resident

Deadline to sign up by: 5th March 2010
15 people signed up (5 over target)

Country: United Kingdom

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The Law
The maximum penalty for cannabis possession is five years in prison or an unlimited fine. Or both.
The maximum penalty for ecstasy possession is seven years in prison or an unlimited fine. Or both.

In the UK, Jury Equity "enables a jury to reach a decision in direct contradiction with the law if they feel the law is unjust. This can create a persuasive precedent for future cases, or render prosecutors reluctant to bring a charge – thus a jury has the power to influence the law."

The Problems
The problem of drugs is drug addiction. It is an old, sad problem. Almost no-one is untouched by it. However, it is also well understood and largely manageable by society.

The problems of drug prohibition are -
1. Billions of pounds are ring fenced for criminal enterprise. This creates violence and other crime as criminals try to protect their interests.
2. Relatively safe drugs are made much more dangerous by contamination.
3. Huge financial costs are incurred in policing, imprisonment and the courts.
4. Resources are diverted away from dealing with more harmful drugs.
5. Supply networks servicing the large demand for soft drugs are used to supply the smaller demand for harder drugs.
6. Harder forms of softer drugs proliferate. (Skunk's popularity is similar to the popularity of moonshine during alcohol prohibition. Its popularity quickly waned with the end of prohibition.)

The Solution
During the US alcohol prohibition era of the 1930s, many juries refused to convict in prosecutions brought against individuals accused of violating alcohol control laws. This resistance helped bring an end to alcohol prohibition with all the benefits that ensued. Something similar can help bring an end to drug prohibition.

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  • While you are right to point out that a jury in The United Kingdom have a right to deliver a outcome that challenges the law.

    I feel it is unlawful and morally misdirecting to create (what I believe) an invalid pledge for potential jurors to sign up to promising to deliver an outcome before a trail has even began.

    This not only is intellectually twisted but a help not a hindrance to drug dealing.

    I have asked the pledgebank team to review there decision in allowing this pledge to run its full course.

    If your not an active drug dealer yourself (which I do hope your not) then you need to have a good long hard think about the kind of ideology you follow as hundreds of our children are dieing on the streets becouse of drug dealers and there out-of-touch with reality defendants.

    Just by legalising the cause will not destroy the effect. Alcohol while legal in the U.S still kills hunderds everyday.

    Perhaps legalising child pronography will cut down on the amount of child abuse that go's on by taking it out of the hands of the criminal underworld ?

    Perhaps if a statesman in a suit were allowed to take the pictures children would be A-OK then ?

    Would you start a pledge for that intrinsic evil ?

    Would you fork !

    By making the state more of a drug dealer than it actually is today will only mast its dark origins not defeat the effects. Infact it will only give this type of poison a more powerful grip on society.

    You Alex Macabe ought to be ashamed of yourself as you have sullied yourself in the eyes of honest men.
    Mr.G, 7 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
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  • Vicky Dunn
  • James Cleveland
  • Debbie Campbell
  • Piers Cawley
  • Reverand Ray Khan (UCTAA)
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