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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

Pledge “walkout”

"I will walk out against war and poverty on Wednesday 6th July but only if 50 other school students will make this same pledge."

— Alys Elica Zaerin, convenor of School Students Against War

Deadline to sign up by: 6th July 2005
115 people signed up (65 over target)

Country: United Kingdom

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In February 2003, 2 million people took to the streets of London in protest against the invasion of Iraq. Weeks later - when Tony Blair decided to ignore the demonstration and take us to war - tens of thousands of school students walked out to say 'not in our name.'

In November 2003, we did it again, when George Bush visited London.

This July, Tony Blair, George Bush and other warmongers are meeting in the UK at the G8 summit. This is an unmissable opportunity to protest against their policies on war, poverty and climate change.

With 100,000 dead in Iraq, 30,000 children dying in Africa every day, and the threat of catastrophic climate change around the corner, we must protest in whatever way we can - even if it means missing lessons. It's easy to feel powerless, but Wednesday 6th July will be a celebration of our determination to change things - and a sign of hope for the future.

- There will be demonstrations around Scotland every day from July 2nd-July 8th (see for details).
- If you can't make it to Scotland, why not demonstrate in your local town centre on Wednesday 6th July?
- In London, school students will be assembling in Parliament Square from 12 noon, with a rally at 4.30pm. Bring placards!
- Leaflets, posters, assemblies and stalls are great ways of telling people about why we need to protest about war and poverty. Get in touch if you'd like help campaigning in your school - e-mail or call 07981 753 053.

School Students Against War is a national network of school students.

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Alys Elica Zaerin, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • Simon Tucker
  • Sakara Dawson-Marsh
  • Rosa Fisher
  • Holly Ragdale
  • Victoria McNaught-Davis
  • Gwen Grahl
  • Reid Wason
  • Felix
  • Finlay Kerr
  • Gaby
  • Theo Dawson-Marsh
  • Freddy Tennyson
  • Heidi Rock
  • Freddy Tennyson
  • camp chris
  • Esther king
  • fred henson
  • Robert
  • panayiotis
  • Alice Thornton
  • Tomos Harris
  • Mara
  • mala savjani
  • Adrian Busolini
  • Dominic Kavakeb
  • alice skinner
  • Sophia Sylianou
  • Matthew Butcher
  • Shani
  • ZOE
  • Jessica Maya Taylor
  • Jesselyn Owusu
  • tracey
  • Farhan Shah
  • Alisha
  • Emma May
  • Grace Newby
  • Danielle Cleak
  • ellie
  • Rowena Cox-Willmott
  • Louella Pearce White
  • Carina Gouldburn
  • steve rolf
  • Lois Bentall
  • Luc Morris
  • Lauren McEvoy
  • Joshua Walker
  • Jordan McEvoy
  • Nick Smith
  • Rhys "Ginge" Harrison
  • Wayno
  • Aled Evans
  • haws abawt we all go to my aws an ave a fat block up an forget abaw da poverty(dannos + bella) barry skwl
  • Colin Hughes
  • Shannon
  • dylan
  • Beth
  • alixe kellett
  • Sarah elsdon
  • Aimee-Louise Gould AkA Titch
  • George Closs
  • Carl Senior
  • Harley
  • violet
  • Ollie Paton
  • Laura Walker
  • Toni kellett
  • Arun Jacob
  • maeve kavanagh
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