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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

Pledge “slspagaction”

"I will take an action for global justice (SP) every week but only if 10 other people will do the same."

— Mike Brady, SP Adopter

Deadline to sign up by: 31st May 2008
7 people signed up, 3 more were needed

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The Simultaneous Policy (SP) campaign is an international democratic movement, bringing people together to decide how they want global problems to be addressed and to make them a reality. It is free to join in. More people need to know about SP and so we will take at least one action every week in support of SP. It could be visiting the discussion board, listening to a talk from Second Life SP Adopters' Group, sending a message to a newspaper. Action ideas will be sent to the SP campaign yahoo group:

From Second Life SP Adopters' Group.

There is more about SP and a discussion forum at:

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  • oops. Was I not supposed to click that button yet?!!
    Eamonn Jerrold, 9 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Here is a an example of how it works. A letter was published in The Guardian newspaper after Adopters responded to a request to contact the paper. Here is the letter:

    This a typical message sent to the Simpol yahoo group:

    I am sending a message to newspapers picking up on the LiveEarth event. The more people that write making a link to SP, the more likely editors will publish a letter. You can email the Guardian using
    If you want Adopters to pitch in sending a message to other papers, post details here.


    The Live Earth pledge is good, but could include a pledge to vote in
    elections only for politicians who undertake to introduce global policies
    demanded by the people of the world.

    That is the route taken with the Simultaneous Policy (SP) campaign, which is
    a perfect parallel strategy to calls for immediate changes in policy. SP
    Adopters are discussing themselves the policies they wish to see implemented
    to address global problems - reversing the democratic deficit with global
    policy making. In voting amongst UK Adopters in 2006, climate change was way
    in front as the top issue and policy fora have been held by local and
    national organisations on possible approaches for dealing with this and
    other problems.

    MPs from all parties are already signing a pledge to implement SP alongside
    other governments. Simultaneous implementation removes the fear of
    first-mover disadvantage which is such an obstacle in a globalising world.

    Noam Chomsky famously said of SP: "Can it work? Certainly worth a serious
    try." It can work if you read this message and then sign up as an SP Adopter
    - alongside any other efforts to save the planet.

    Mike Brady
    Campaigns and Networking Coordinator
    Cambridge SP Adopters' Group
  • Here is an action to start you off. Click this link:
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