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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

Pledge “sl-png-support”

"I will donate $1 for full PNG import/export support but only if 49 other Second Life Residents will do the same."

— SignpostMarv Martin, Demonically Possessed Albino

Deadline to sign up by: 31st August 2007
1 person signed up, 48 more were needed

More details
Full support (this obviously means alpha transparency) for uploading and exporting images in the PNG image format to and from the SL Viewer (as an additional alternative to Targa as the lossless image format of choice)

Additional non-essential niceties:

* converting MNGs and GIFs to PNGs suitable for use with the llSetTextureAnim() function
* exporting textures used with llSetTextureAnim() to MNGs and GIFs

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  • I have this completed but it is with a command-line program. It meets the posted requirements but I just wanted to double check.
  • For anal retentiveness:

    1) Should be transparent to the end user so those that don't care about it won't notice it,
    2) And those that do will only have to download the new client without following any eccentric installation procedures or compilation of the client themselves,
    3) Or download a module for a client that has been developed for modularisation of new features (ala Firefox and it's freaky list of extensions)

    4) Also, there needs to be 50 people on the pledge list.
    SignpostMarv Martin, 12 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
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