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Pledge “rpbookbomb”

"I will , during the week ending 26 January 2008, buy at least one copy of Ron Paul's book, "A Foreign Policy of Freedom: Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship" (preferrably from an independent or retail bookseller) in an effort to get Ron Paul on the New York Times Best Seller List before Super Duper Tuesday (05 February 2007) but only if 1,000 other Ron Paul supporters will do the same will do the same or more."

— FURBj.r., Are you a number or a free man?

Deadline to sign up by: 26th January 2008
62 people signed up, 938 more were needed

More details
In an effort to gain more exposure for Ron Paul's campaign for President of the United States, I plan on buying one or more copies of his latest book during the week ending 26 January 2007, in order to get Representative Paul on the New York Times Best Seller List. This will be huge in garnering name recognition for the good doctor at a critical time in the nomination process.

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  • Buy several! Loan them short term and keep loaning them as you campaign door-to-door. It's very convincing that Ron Paul has an understanding of what's really going on and should be our next President! Follow-up with door-to-door campaigning with printouts on each person's most important issues by giving them Ron Paul's voting record and news letters and transcripts of Ron Paul's speeches on those issues. As you do, collect back the books you loaned even if they aren't finished. They will need to continue reading the book once they start, so they will buy their own. That's what we want. Then Ron Paul makes the best seller list and more buy the book and more hear about that and look at Ron Paul to be their candidate. Ronald H Levine | Midvale, Utah.
  • Ron Paul is the only choice if you are against the war in Iraq.
  • Check out this clearinghouse of independent booksellers.

    This may help you find Foreign Policy of Freedom for the book bomb.
  • We spoke with some of those who were part of Operation Live Free or Die up in New Hampshire. Some of us in the Free State Project found Ron Paul activists who were ready to return and be part of the ongoing effort up here. Sign up at
  • Don't forget that the bookstore of your choosing will have to have A Foreign Policy of Freedom in stock, in order for you to buy it the week ending 26 January 2008. There are just 10 days until we need to start purchasing.

    Thanks for your support,
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FURBj.r., the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • Angelo
  • Ronald H Levine
  • Jim Rongstad
  • david money
  • V for Vote Ron Paul *READY*
  • shane cunningham
  • Gary Whitney
  • Mark Matthews
  • Doja Dade
  • Jay Sawicki
  • Eric Nordstrom
  • Chad Evans
  • Jason Quick
  • Casey T. Tipton
  • Myrl Bird
  • Mea Lama
  • Brenda Mann
  • Albert "Max" Abramson
  • Fred Pocai
  • Jack Ireland
  • Jeremy Parr
  • Nate Lane
  • Steven Glick
  • Michael Napier
  • Kendall schoenrock
  • Renee Camille
  • Kit Chase
  • Mike
  • Mel
  • joey
  • Liam Barnett
  • Richard
  • Marco Gomez
  • Kurt Fiech
  • Leo Szczesny
  • Roger Reid
  • Terri Russell
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