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I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help

Pledge “renewforfreedom”

"I will join NO2ID's RenewForFreedom campaign and renew my passport this May but only if 50 other people will do the same."

— Liam Edgeley

Deadline to sign up by: 31st May 2006
49 people signed up, 1 more was needed

Country: United Kingdom

More details
As you may know, our governement is tring to force people to get one of their 'optional' ID cards through the back door. Soon it will be impossible to renew your passport unless you attend an official interview and agree to be fingerprinted and
give a wide range of personal information for a “National Identity Register” database.

NO2ID have started a campaign ( to get people to renew their passports this May. The benefits are two-fold:

1) You get at least ten years of privacy before your passport renewal forces you to get an ID card
2) By co-ordinating our renewals for a relatively short time period we are sending a message that we don't want ID cards to be forced upon us through the back door.

For more information see the RenewForFreedom website or see this leaflet (

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  • Nice one, Liam :¬)

    I shan't sign, as I don't want to take up one of your 50 'slots' when everyone knows I'll be renewing anyway. But I'm sure you'll make it to the total in plenty of time.

    All best,

    Phil Booth
    National Coordinator, NO2ID
  • I had heard that in order to renew, you have to have lost (or at least pretend to have lost) your original passport. Is this true? Or can you just renew whenever you feel like it?
    Anna Sharman, 11 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • You can renew your passport at any time, Anna. NO2ID made sure that the Home Office changed its written policy on this. See the UKIPS website:

    "You do not have to wait until your passport is nearly expired to renew it, but we can add no more than 9 months unexpired validity from the old passport to the new one. You can renew your passport whenever you wish, but you must pay the full fee and no refund can be given for the unexpired validity in the old passport."

    All this is covered by the Renew for Freedom factsheet that Liam has linked to.
  • A few people I have written to about this pledge have said they'd love to join in, but they can't afford to spend £51 renewing their passport early.

    I appreciate that this is going to be an expensive business for some people. However, but given that passports will cost at least £93 once ID cards are introduced, *and* that you'll have to make your own way to your nearest passport office for an interrogation (sorry, 'interview') before they'll let you have one, I think it could even save you money in the long term.

    I have six years left on my current passport. I think paying £12.75 per year to gain another four years of freedom from this repulsive ID card scheme is a bargain.
    Liam Edgeley, 11 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • A very good point well made about the cost against the extra time gain of freedom from the new ID card, and registration of much personal information on the database. If only it were just a simple ID card, but it's much more than that.

    Yes, my hesitation was about the £51 for renewing early with 6 years remaining, but I will sign this pledge, if at least 6 supporters of this pledge sign mine at

    This relates to the local elections and remember, your local council will be instrumental in the enforcement and monitoring of the ID card registration. There will be revenue in it for them. Think, parking wardens.

    An alternative to writing 'none of the above' on the ballot paper, could be, 'No to ID cards'.
  • The ID CArds will do nothing at all for anyone in the UK. It is going to be missmanaged, overbudget and too large to operate, and there is no need whatsever for its conception.

    The government is telling lies, lies and more lies to convince people it will help, when all it will do is obliterate their rights.
    Alan Connor, 11 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • I have to say that my passport expires in a few months anyway, but this will prompt me to renew quicker...
  • I renewed my passport and it arrived FAST. Actually it was a new application not a renewal so now I have 10 years of freedom and time to decide how much longer I wish to be in the Nazi Totalitarian Police State UK/ European Union.

    Over 40 other countries are enforcing compulsory biometric identity cards with Australia claiming their one is a biometric access card and not an ID card although they will need one for access to any health service.

    These Nazis don't give up do they. So obvious we have a world government here.

    Remember Hitler's war on manufactured terror? How history repeats, either way we have UK secretary of state saying it doesn't prevent terrorism. Those CIA assets in Spain bombings had identity cards, oh and the bombers of WTC Towers also had passports that the CIA recovered from the burning inferno (that apparently brought down the towers that were engineered to withstand many commercial jets crashing into them, we have witnesses reported seeing bombs and we have firefighters saying this on video cameras), as if. But hey that is all part of the official fairytale.


    My passport arrived in less than two eeks using check and send service at the post office.
    New World Order Activist, 11 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
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  • Duncan Drury
  • Becky Derham
  • Jim Camp
  • Fearghas McKay
  • Michael Preston
  • Elizabeth Norman
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  • Chebaris
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  • Sir Justin Burrows
  • Mark Maddrell
  • Georgina Hayes
  • graeme mortimer evelyn
  • colin williams
  • Matt Mower
  • Claire Wren
  • Frankie Roberto
  • Mike Williams
  • Alex Butcher
  • Martin Frost
  • David Corney
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