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Pledge “podcastdonations”

"I will contribute five dollars each to five podcasters who don't use paid sponsors. but only if 25 other podcasters or podcast listeners will do the same."

— Matthew Wayne Selznick, Founder of MWS Media

Deadline to sign up by: 14th July 2005
3 people signed up, 22 more were needed

More details
MWS Media ( provides resources, community, and support for DIY, independent creative endeavors. Part of our efforts include a weekly podcast, the MWS Media Radio Show (, that spotlights the best DIY, independent audio from all over the world.

At MWS Media, we believe art, any kind of creative endeavor, deserves compensation. This includes the many independent podcasts that choose not to have paid advertisements in their podcasts. If there are five advertising-free podcasts you enjoy, please join this Pledge, and give them your support!

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