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Pledge “nosonybmg”

"I will vow not to buy a Sony BMG audio album/single for 2 years but only if 100 other people will do the same."

— David Webster, believer in common sense rights

Deadline to sign up by: 31st December 2005
128 people signed up (28 over target)

More details
Due to the activity of Sony recently about Sony XCP CDs (a copy protection that installs malicious software on your Windows computer, that is hidden and cannot be removed without damage to your setup - simply put a virus.)

More details at:

As a way of demostration against this limitation I will vow not to purchase Sony BMG products for the next two years, beginning 1st Janury 2006.(I bought the music, not the media. If I want it on my MP3 player, audio cassette, my own personal copy for keeping in the car in case of theft, that should be my right as I paid for the music, not the format its delivered in.)

By harming the usual person who legally purchases items, they are alienating their customers and driving the real piracy issue further underground. Especially when using these under-hand methods. Please support this cause to make this demonstration on who the most important person is to a business - the customer.

To make a realistic pledge, a number of 100 has been asked for. But, please, we need alot more than this. Please pass this on, as 100 people will not make a dent. 10,000 will.

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  • Even before this was in the news, I had found first4internet on my boss's computer when he had problems with his laptop. I've had to fix more then a few customer's PCs with no CD-burning or games that need a CD suddenly not working. The fact that Sony's protection broke other's that relied on reading odd sectors is annoying.
    My brother put in a recently purchased CD about a month ago and he suddenly couldn't read any other CDs that had worked right before. It's not the CDs being scratched because it happened with ANY music CD. Once I cleaned it up, his desktop was suddenly able to read CDs again.
    Joe, 11 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • bought the Dead 60s album on import, as it came out before the offical UK release. realise now i should've just used common sense, and downloaded the thing - sans "virus" - from Soulseek or something. nice way to put us off, Sony bods - you w*nkers.
    jc, 11 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • I will expand this pledge - I refuse to buy/use any SONY/BMG or any other SONY recording affliate or any other SONY products for a minimum of two years.

    I have learned that SONY/BMG is still rooting people's computer and has other pernicious sotware that is just as bad - with no remorse or caring whether their tactics damage anyone's computer - either temporarily or permanently.
  • Two years isn't long enough. Let this boycott last forever. As for me, I won't ever buy anything Sony again.
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David Webster, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • Craig Rodway
  • Debbie Hill
  • Chris
  • Laurent Kartheiser
  • Andy Robinson
  • Kev Williams
  • David Salgado
  • Jane
  • Linda
  • Richard George
  • Sam Smith
  • Tim Reed
  • Thomas E Androy
  • Tone Marie Berg
  • Jen
  • Michelle Findlay
  • Leon Paternoster
  • Bob Davies
  • John Y
  • Simon, aka smarts
  • David Bird
  • Alexa M. Robinson
  • Steinar Knutsen
  • Dustin McGivern
  • martin kirsche
  • Tim Morley
  • José Figueroa
  • David Dawson
  • Alistair Macdonald
  • Julian Mehnle
  • Silver Meikar
  • John Holroyd
  • Tom Higginson
  • Olle Hints
  • Avery
  • Michi
  • Ronald Clercx
  • Andy Bold
  • Tony Green
  • DavidK
  • Peter JOzsa
  • David Silvester
  • James Hall
  • Michael Smith
  • Jennifer Moody
  • Ben McGarry
  • Graham Utton
  • Rich Boakes
  • Stef Robertson
  • Andrew Ace
  • Mick Allen
  • Kevin Phillips
  • Dave Allen
  • Alicia Renee
  • Alan Ramsey
  • Chris Parry
  • Marguerite Hegley
  • Robert Paul tranter
  • Martin Taylor
  • Michael Maranda
  • Marcel Wiedemeier
  • Joe Whitehead
  • Helen Robertson
  • ettore
  • Simon Donohoe
  • Ivo Escossia
  • Tom B
  • Gavin Park
  • William Anderson
  • Chris Hockey
  • Howie
  • Larko
  • Kathryn Okstad
  • Patrick Dowson
  • George Hazlewood
  • Heather Abrams
  • Dave Thompson
  • harrison
  • Dan Campbell
  • Richard Smith
  • Liam Fox
  • John Hackett
  • Theresa Williamson
  • Jon Gunnar Rue
  • Robert Marshall
  • Suw Charman
  • Gregor
  • Owen Blacker
  • Jay H. Koby
  • Alyssa Milburn
  • Austin King
  • Felix Zesch
  • Bertil Wennergren
  • Marcos Cramer
  • mick angel
  • Michael Wakefield
  • Nathanael Barbettini
  • Richard Walker
  • Eric Miller
  • Seth
  • Megan
  • Michael Wright
  • Ben Kernan
  • PJ English
  • Peter Farris
  • Paul C
  • M. DeBower
  • John Blatchford
  • ahuvah
  • Stephen Barbettini
  • Mike Hinton
  • Tim Steele
  • Andy Braben
  • 15 people who did not want to give their names, 3 of whom have done the pledge

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