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Pledge “nomoreweapons”

"Ich werde 30,- Euro für das 3D gedruckte Monument #nomoreweapons des Repitiergewehrs Mauser98 aus dem 1. Weltkrieg in Realgröße bezahlen, wenn 15 andere Menschen das Gleiche tun." (translate)

— Peggy Sylopp, nomoreweapons

Deadline to sign up by: 2nd June 2014
2 people signed up, 13 more were needed

Country: Germany

More details
M98 - 3d printed monument in memory of world war 1

One hundred years ago the Hurra-Patriotism was present all over Europe. The world didn't know yet what an industrialized world war would mean to mankind. Beginning of August the "1914 spirit" (Augusterlebnis) let many men to euphorically to the front lines. Already in September the suffer of losses were so high that wide parts of the troops were traumatized.

My Motivation
My personal family history - as for many people in Europe - is deeply influenced by the experience of the world wars. My father fleed from East Prussia and had to grow up as orphan in the after war time. There are no family books left. As it happens in war, culture and history is deleted by the victors.
My mother was fathered a xmas 1943, Februar 1944 her father died somewhere in Russia, place unknown. Comerads who accompanied him in the last minutes were never asked by my family.

Still there is a lot history unspoken, unasked.
Taboos are not even realized.
Especially we Germans are not used to ask.

As war is always deeply bound with traumatic experiences of people.

3D-Modelling war reality

So I had the idea to make war reality concrete and modeled the most used gun of the German ordinary soldier of the first world war in 3d. I had to understand how the gun works to model it.

When I saw the virtual gun I thought it be great to have real model of it, as an make a forgotten, unasked object real, to give physics to a fictional memory. To unarchive history and bring it to the present reality with present technology realizable with my skills.

3d print as art
I want to bring the true-to-scale 3d print (1110 mm) of the Mauser98 to galleries and exhibitions, show it to teenagers as a monument for #nomoreweapons. As a 3d printed monument out of sand it will show the form of the original Mauser98, not the functionality.

As I am a single mother to realize art work is pure luxury for me. Would be great you helped out.

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