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Pledge “killfileandrew”

"I will killfile Andrew Suffield so I do not recieve Debian list email from him but only if 100 other people on Debian lists will do the same."

— Benjamin Mako Hill

Deadline to sign up by: 9th September 2005
42 people signed up, 58 more were needed

More details
If you read the Debian private email list, you understand my immediate motivation for starting this pledge. If you do not but interact with the Debian community in other ways, there's a good chance you can come up with many other examples of why agreeing to pledge might be a good idea.

I think the Debian project would be a better place if people stopped responding to comments that, in effect and often in intent, are little more than provocations, put-downs, and trolls. Andrew Suffield's emails to Debian lists fall in this category all to often.

However, since responses that quote unecessarily provocative messages are visible by folks who have ignored the sender, blocking email from a person (also known as killfiling) only works if done en-mass.

While Andrew is by no means the only person whose comments have a disruptive effect on Debian lists, he is a one example of a person whose negative effect outweighs his positive contributions in the minds of many. While those fulfilling this pledge would miss Andrew's positive contributions on the lists, I believe it would be worth it.

This pledge is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

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  • So I've been (predictably) been getting a little flak over this so I thought I would point people to my blog entry where I talk about my motivation in comments with a bit more detail and explain some things that weren't apparent to everyone:
    mako, 14 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • My response to this is on debian-project, where this should have been in the first place. Trying to Vancouver this may be very Debian but it's hardly respectable. I won't respond to futher comments here. Anybody who signs this pledge without even bothering to hear the other side will get exactly what they deserve.
    Andrew Suffield, 14 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Andrew,

    Nobody is trying to kick you out. Nobody is trying to take any sort of decision against you as the Debian project. I would not and will not support any attempt of the kind.
    mako, 14 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • This looks like people with roughly-Christian beliefs attacking a person who told them that he doesn't share their views, with some long-time grudges coming out too. The stated reasons have little to do with the trigger, as far as I can tell.
    Agnostic, 14 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Angostic,

    I don't believe this has anything to do with religion (I'm not religious) and, as far I know, have have never directly gotten into an argument with Andrew myself. I can't speak for the other signatories. As I say in my blog post, this isn't supposed to be limited to picking on Andrew.

    More importantly, lets not discuss "the tigger" here. That was on -private and it's our responsibility as developers to keep it that way.
    mako, 14 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • meeeh this issue sucks really... don't you guys have more important things to focus on than pimp ubuntoy on d-d-a?
    I support what asuffield did.

    I'm thinking about timely delivering of DSAs mostly... I think joey should be spending less time writing huge mails to annouce his banning asuffield, and more time writing the dsas...
    Joey's reaction reminds me on what happened in #debian a while back. Clueless DDs coming and teaching the regulars about how they should handle the lusers, and after a couple of weeks, you see these DDs leave the chan for they can't handle the lusers any better, but still give orders and ban knowledgeable and helpful people.

    debian is dying, and that sucks.
  • This pledge had *nothing* to do with the recent fracas on debian-devel-announce. I consider the issue raised here closed many months ago. Please don't beat a dead horse.
    mako, 13 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
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Benjamin Mako Hill, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • Andreas Schuldei
  • Matthew Garrett
  • Adam McKenna
  • Romain Francoise
  • Thom May
  • Jordi Mallach
  • Rob Taylor
  • Alexander Schmehl
  • Colin Watson
  • Daniel Baumann
  • Michael Banck
  • Kyle McMartin
  • Jeroen van Wolffelaar
  • Joe Wreschnig
  • Riku Voipio
  • Martin Langhoff
  • Joe Drew
  • Decklin Foster
  • Daniel Stone
  • Jason Parker
  • Amaya Rodrigo
  • Teófilo Ruiz Suárez
  • Norbert Tretkowski
  • Will Newton
  • Brian Agatonovic
  • Thaddeus H. Black
  • Gerd Fleischer
  • Matthew Wilcox
  • Ian Lawrence
  • Raphael Hertzog
  • Thomas Bushnell, BSG
  • James McWilliams
  • Roger Leigh
  • abdo
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