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Pledge “fireallenhacker”

"I will donate $10 to Michael Badnarik's Congressional campaign if he fires Allen Hacker but only if 20 other people will do the same."

— Nigel Watt

Deadline to sign up by: 19th October 2006
2 people signed up, 18 more were needed

Country: United States
Place: Austin (view map)

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Allen Hacker is a consistent turn-off to people interested in Michael Badnarik's Libertarian campaign for Congress in Texas's 10th District. We believe that Badnarik will do better if he fires Hacker.

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  • Heck, I'll donate more than that. Allen Hacker is a waste of food, literally. Libertarians don't like contributing money to campaigns because they see how some of those campaigns spend that money.

    I donated $220 to Harry Browne's 2000 campaign, and $350 to Badnarik's 2004 campaign. I don't feel like any of that money was well spent.

    Until that problem is solved, LP candidates will always have a hard time raising funds.
  • What exactly is the problem? Could you give us some more info, or post a link to another page? Why did you make this pledge?
  • Nick,

    The problem is in reverse. The truth is not short; hope this site doesn't truncate it.

    Mike Nelson, an overly-aggressive advocate for whatever his hobby-horse-of-the-moment is, and a former enthusiastic supporter, turned on the Badnarik campaign after I asked him to be careful what he said to contributors. He had written an obtuse email to Ron Paul's Liberty PAC demanding of them why they "never contribute to" Libertarian campaigns, a completely uninformed and wrong accusation. Penny replied that they do, and in fact had contributed to Badnarik in 2004. She Cc'd me, I asked Nelson to lighten up, and he lied to me, saying he'd done no such thing. I sent him his email, and he became vicious.

    Nelson has since publicly admitted on blogs that he is trying to destroy the badnarik campaign. Most of the people who had joined him in demanding answers to his unfounded accusations that I was "pocketing" $100K from the campaign have abandoned him. ...
  • ...
    Nigel Watt is an impressionable high-school kid who is following the wrong path by agreeing that a false accusation requires an explanation from the victim. Given that his 30-day signup invitation is half gone and the only two signers are the original perpetrator and an otherwise-nice fellow who fails to make a distinction between one campaign and the next, or one candidate and the next, and given that new donors come on board every day, this is a tempest in a teapot that will never be more than a terrible embarrassment to those who fall into it.

    Abramson is right about one thing, however: Libertarian campaigns will generally never go anywhere until the disloyal opposition within the party stops throwing this kind of crap in the way. Makes one wonder, though, that he'd complain about it in the same forum where he's helping it happen.
  • ...
    Bottom line: three people who disapprove of my performance without actually considering the facts? Hardly makes a compelling case for any claim that I'm a turnoff to supporters. In fact, the last supporter I emailed just contributed $2100. And the last one I spoke to on the phone is coming to volunteer for the weekend.

    Why? They are pleased that I didn't cave in to the usual dirty tactics that losers toss out into the road. And No, they don't mind that I speak my mind.

    Ultimately, our real supporters put purpose above personality, something of which the petty seem incapable.

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