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Pledge “disarmucl”

"I will write a letter to UCL Provost Malcolm Grant to tell him to ditch UCL's disgraceful 1,5 million pounds worth of shares in arms companies. but only if 20 other UCL alumni will do the same."

— Dan Ozarow, UCL Alumnus

Deadline to sign up by: 17th May 2007
30 people signed up (10 over target)

Country: United Kingdom

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UCL (University College London) currently holds shares in arms companies Cobham plc and the Smiths Group (both of which manufacture components for military aircraft and other weapons systems). UCL has shares worth c. 1.5 million pounds in these companies. They constitute only 1.7% of UCL's total invesments. UCL students, staff and the UCL Union have already put the pressure on Provost Malcolm Grant to sell these shares and for UCL to adopt an ethical investment policy, which bans investment in arms companies. Now is the time to get UCL alumni more actively involved in the Disarm UCL campaign. Come and help us make a difference by writing a letter to the provost.

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  • As an ex UCL student I'd like to be proud of my former university, the money invested in arms is shaming, UCL should show integrity and take it's money else where.
    Flora Bain, 12 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
  • Wow ! This pledge was succesful within only one week ! Well done !

    I guess it shows how strongly alumni feel about UCL's investment in arms companies.
    Sara Hall, 12 years ago. Abusive? Report it!
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Dan Ozarow, the Pledge Creator, joined by:

  • Murad Banaji
  • Nicholas Allott
  • Viren Swami
  • Paul Shirley
  • Julia Fozard
  • Tom Bowker
  • Lily Defriend
  • Hanna Lohijoki
  • Saarah Tahir
  • Katy Redgrave
  • Richard Wilson
  • Tim Street
  • Dr. Robin Hirsch
  • Samuel Tarry
  • Elinor Croxall
  • Jennifer Tan
  • Catherine Aicken
  • Dominic Wilkinson
  • Aitor Luna Olivares
  • Dr Kate Wilson
  • Kate Quinn
  • Saamah Abdallah
  • Vicki Leigh
  • Craig Foot
  • Lucie
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