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The children in the need to have free library first for every child ,I thing the 100$ OLPC notebook is a normal price,and 150$ OLPC notebook with 12inches Lcd screen is normal too,as they do not have hard drive,and CD ROM,
what I think for the Microsoft to do, is
to make larger LCD with Windows OS,and make the memory card 4GB slot options,
so the price cost for OLPC,12in LCD.Win.OS,SD 4GB slot card,total =
Total will be 175$ wholesale and retail sale 200$.the child will pay 100$ and his government the other 100$
And I think as an expirt in microelectronics technology this can be made,in the comming soon future.
In 2006 we had new cheap color e-ink
larg size screen and fast cheap flash memory up to 4GB ,when we ask about cheap cost
notebook pc we must expect pc less than
the laptop we see in the market now,the poor children see it only not use it.
I ask Mr.Bill at microsoft to start produce the second OLPC version,and to helpe the children in poor world in action not just talking,and if Mr.Bill move to do it I will give his company my new invention free to add it to OLPC to be the best in design ,for the poor children ,the larg 12in screen is very important for the child to use in education.
Zaky, 12 years ago.

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