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Even if we succeed in getting 100,000 people to commit to purchasing the laptop, I think we will still need to tackle the issue of distribution.

This is exactly the reason, I think, behind Negroponte's stated intention to sell large blocks to countries: OPLC can just deliver them en masse and let the countries deal with dividing them up and allocating the resources to put them in the hands of the children that need them.

So, if we are to receive a laptop and either 1) subsidize the creation of two others, or 2) take receipt of three laptops and donate two, it is impingent upon _us_ the undersigned to create a support structure to manage the distribution of funds and materials as would the countries seeking to benefit from this arrangement.

If we can prove to OPLC that we as a block of consumers are able to fulfill this function, I believe they cannot say no.

If you would like to assist me in the creation of the necessary infrastructure and/or discuss to what end our $200 subsidy should be used, please join the OneLaptopPerChild discussion group on Google (link below).
JP Klein, 12 years ago.

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