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"And a kid who's
starving won't be taking the time to read."

I disagree. At least some of the kids are getting by on the little food they have. Yes, they need food, but that's enough. When I read books in the library, I get so absorbed that I forget to eat.

"You need decent health, places
to sleep, and a dependable food supply before cranking laptops
become not only a luxury but a dangerous drain on time and
energy that must be spent on survival."

I disagree. Laptops (or computers) means access to information and education. This will lead to decent health and better economic understanding. This knowledge and motivation is what is needed to not only survive, but thrive.

"These are the problems that must be solved FIRST
and foremost before the higher goals can be tackled."

I don't think this is a "higher goal." A higher goal would be supercomputers and computing research centers. These are very cheap, very basic laptops. They offer a whole world of ideas and knowledge that they need to enrich their lives and improve all areas of the process of survival.
Permawords, 12 years ago.

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