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I think many people making comments miss out on one of the basic ideas behind this project... the idea is not to give kids training so that they can work some crappy IT job in some outsourced call centre, but rather to give people access to the same wealth of information that we in the first world enjoy (and take for granted). That is, little Billy spends time on the internet learns about HIV and what can be done to prevent its spread so he educates other people in his village, or little Susy who reads about modern agricultural systems and increase the annual yeid of her villages crop... oh and lets not forget about all those young girls who may realize for the first time in their lifes that they have rights as human beings and start the process of changing their cultures to recognize that... but to all those peopel who said this is a bad idea and that they will not support it and that this should not be done, please list your contributions to humanity in alphabetical order... and switching one of your vehicles from an SUV to a hybrid does not count.
christopher luft, 12 years ago.

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