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Surely there is a better way of helping these kids than spending $100 on a minimal spec laptop:

1. What softwares are going to be available for them for $100?

2. Without the softwares, how can they practice any useful I.T. skills?

3. I find that the usefulness of a computer is greatly enhanced by the internet: i can find almost any information i want and i can communicate with people across the world. However, I dont think these under-previledged kids have access to internet which significantly limit the usefulness of a laptop.

4. When food, living expenses and school fees are probably of more concern to these kids, how does a $100 laptop help them exactly? and who gets to decide who gets one and who doesnt? with corruption being such a big issue in the third world countries, I am just speculating that some of these laptops could end up in the hands of better off kids or as some have suggested - ebay.

5. What are these kids going to do with their laptops? Even if donating computers to third world countries is the way to go, I think perhaps it would be better to donate desktops to schools rather than laptops to the kids, who might use the laptop as a game toy. Desktops are also cheaper to construct so each $100 would get more hardware for these kids.

5. $100 in a third world country is enough to secure a good quantity of books. It would give the kids a lot of other skills to learn than the I.T. skills a basic spec laptop can teach them.

I think it is a rip-off to buy these laptops that cost $100 to make for $300. If I am donating $200 to help 2 kids, I would buy them books or just give them the money.

The Chinese are so good at maths precisely because they don't give the kids laptops and desktops at school so they had to calculate everything in their heads.
Dawson, 12 years ago.

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