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the idea with the 100$ laptop is great. but if i think about tanzania where i live ... mh, don't know much people who could by this computer on a private base. and if they are funded by organisations - let them pay the price that the product is worth and not subsidized. most of these organisations have too much money anyway. we should think about setting up projects, that can finance themselves. and i don't really think that a 1st world person finally buys a low capacity laptop for 300$. they would rather go to buy a well equiped laptop maybe secon hand for 500$. so basically what i mean is the costs should be calculated that the price can cover all the costs related to the product. whatever/whoever should grow on their own feet to learn how to walk.
also i recognised that feeling responsible for things is not very common here. so maintenance and so on will be a problem. what if the computer doesnt work one day? recognised that people are much more careful with something they earned than just getting for free.

think the 300$ you better pay school fees for a child in the 3rd world, so that they can read and write before they have to use a computer. or you give someone a loan to start his/her own business and getting independent from funds and donations. or sponsor operations for very sick people. i think there are a lot of things people might need before they can use the laptop.

i don't say that you shouldnt put the computers in schools etc in the 3rd world, but i think the whole project should be well thought about. otherwise its just another project where a lot of money is just wasted. often i think that people are just driven by feelings for helping and humanity, donating endless money but don't think really ahead (about how is money used, how much money goes to whom, questioning the projects)... the last thing we need is making the 3rd world more depending on the 1st than it is already.

and when i read in one statement "let the countries deal with dividing them up" ... oooh, i get very worried. there is corruption everywhere. these governments are not trustworthy at all. so giving laptops in their hands is like giving them cash money, and now think where they will end up. for sure not in the schools.
kerstin keimling, 12 years ago.

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