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I also have the emotional reaction, that id cards are wrong in principle. But there seems to be too much time spent on the emotions. Surely the overwhelming argument is that for a fraction of the cost of the id system, lets say in round numbers £5Bn, we could solve the alleged problems with properly thought out targeting, like more police, and still have money left over for other more deserving causes, like new hospitals, or doctors, or getting the 25% of school leavers who don't have a GCSE in Maths and English (can you imagine, 25%!) better teachers.
Does everyone realise the database called the CSA costs more to run, than it collects from absent parents. This is partly because of the usual government shambles, but mostly because the system does not have anything like universal support. It is pretty plain the id system does not have universal support, and will therefore be a huge waste of money and resources we could have better spent on things that do have universal support, have far wider impact, like Education.
JG, 14 years ago.

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