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I think that one aspect of this government's proposed legislation, not only in the matter of ID cards but other aspects as well, is that they always make claims that they have the support of the public. These claims are entirely unsubstantiated but may be the reason so many of the backbenchers, (who seem to be a spineless species), are caving in to Clarke and his chums on the front benches. The claims have about as much truth in them as the claims that Tony Blair made about the supposedly real & present danger that allowed him to go along with the Americans when they wanted to get their boots on Iraqi soil.
The method is the same with the present attempt to force the ID card legislation through Parliament. It doesn't matter how economical with the truth they are. All that matters is that they get their own way and make up excuses afterwards.
I agree with one of your correspondents when he says he would even vote Conservative to get rid of this lot - but that was what we did to get rid of the last lot, wasn't it!
Geoffrey David Grey, 14 years ago.

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