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To anyone advocating the introduction of Identity cards,
I am 51 years old do not drive i.e do not have a licence,have never left the country i.e do not hold a current passport,have been my wifes official carer for some time i.e am in reciept of benefit until one of us dies,so what happens to me ? They will not be able to 'update' me automatically so I must wait for them to make the cards compulsory. NOONE has EVER MADE me do anything I did not want to do.
For over 30 years I have been trying to tell friends,family about the coming totalitarian state,predicting legal enforcement of 'voluntary' rules some sensible like seatbelts, drink driving etc some not such as protests,group gatherings not in the interest of the government of the day. I have told 'potheads'they would never legalise cannabis in our lifetime told fellow miners they'd never win ,told Tory supporters Maggie had gone one step too far and predicted the day we would all be forced to carry an identity card in other words I have never been blind to what was coming, for all this I have been called every name you can think of,now today on the 13th of February 2006 it is the final hour of our so called freedom, it will happen, the vote has been cast in favour of the jackboot. I am so sad at the indifference of my fellow men and women which has allowed this to come about, however I am raging inside and I will have to be tied down tattooed and/or chipped before I carry 'proof' of who I am.I am Paul Machin do not call me a liar your uniforms and batons mean nothing.
Paul Machin, 13 years ago.

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