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A lot of people are willing to believe the UK government spin regarding the benefits of the proposed ID card. My view is that no government is trustworthy and certainly not with exhaustive data profiles for the entire UK population - biometric, medical, financial and so on. It may be safe to give increased authority to a benign and trustworthy administration, but not to one which has misused power, and is firmly fixed in the US Neo-Conservative command structure. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bliar and the other usual suspects all used lies and deception in order to initiate imperialist wars which are expected to continue for decades. Clash of culture wars which are seriously damaging not only to the unfortunate humanity living in the war zones, but also to the planet as a whole including the affluent West. The recent rises in gas and oil prices are largely a result of the 'War on Terror' and many predict much greater price hikes. Britain currently has record trade deficits and manufacturing industry has virtually vanished from the UK. High energy costs will bring the final death knell for the once widespread “Made in Britain” logo.

On top of all their other incompetence the Labour government cannot be trusted to control the hugely complex ID scheme. Bliar is responsible for disorder and mayhem on a major scale; war crimes, political corruption, losing foreign industrial investment, lying to Parliament, sycophantic toadying to the insane Bush regime, to list a few. If the UK government was acting solely for the good of the British people it might be possible to trust them, but in reality they follow shadowy higher leadership. NATO, UN, World Bank, IMF, EU, are all globalist bodies that openly propose one world government as the next great goal for humanity, and the loss of the final traces of traditional state sovereignty and long held basic human rights are required consequences.

The ID card will not help against civil unrest such as the ongoing Muslim anti-Danish demonstrations, because such unrest is largely globalist sponsored. The idea is to whip up anti-Muslim feeling even higher in an already significantly racist US/European population. This will help develop excuses for the criminal horrors in Iraq and Afghanistan. The elite also requires new pretexts in order to springboard the offensive into Iran and Syria (god help us). The Muslim civil unrest (France a few months ago, the Mohammed cartoons now) is the latest sign of a great rift that's purposely been aggravated between the Capitalist/Zionist block and the loose union of independent Arab/Moslem states. This rift has been constantly widened by meticulous manipulations of US and European administrations going back to the 1948 formation of Israel and before. Fanning the flames of unrest has accelerated since 9/11 and we now suffer US declarations in the form of the 'The Project for the New American Century', which baldly states that all oil/gas/mineral reserves, trade control issues, Cocaine and Heroin production operations etc. - that are not already controlled by the agents of 'Freedom and Democracy' should immediately come under globalist dominion - and imperialist wars must be instigated to achieve this.

Of course the criminal activity of the UN, World Bank, IMF, WTO, World Health Organization, EU etc. go far beyond just controlling energy reserves, see: population reduction, genetically modified crops, poisonous vaccines/pharmaceuticals, illegal drug dealing, arms dealing, AIDS, the global sex trade, global trade control, world poverty etc. etc.

The owners of the largest energy reserves, Arab Muslims in particular, are not too happy about PNAC, especially after the way US, UK and Israel has dealt with Palestine and other Middle East problems all the way since 1948. So a valid pretext to attack the few remaining independent Arab/Muslim countries owning energy reserves or pipeline routes, has been contrived by the US and UK. Clinton made no secret of US intentions to invade Iraq a second time, and Bush (with UK involvement) was preparing such a move even before 9/11.

You probably wonder what all this has to do with British ID cards, well actually a great deal. With the upping of the anti by Bush and Bliar it's not difficult for people who can set aside social conditioning, to clearly see that the Democratic governments of the world are conducting a giant pretense similar to the board game 'Risk'. They constantly lie about virtually everything in order to justify the immoral military onslaughts and undercover manipulations used to enable control of world energy reserves. As the UK government is at the forefront of this union of Democratic/Fascist imperialists, can Bliar be trusted anymore than any other psychopathic megalomaniac?

Even if the UK administration could stick to the truth and begin to act in a moral way, what about the higher levels of globalist power they follow. The corrupt EU for example, is squandering tax-payers money at unprecedented levels and forcing disastrous change on the fundamental fabric of Europe. What a daunting prospect that police forces, secret services and legions of faceless Eurocrats all over Euroland will have access to every UK citizens personal data on introduction of the ID card.

Even though living conditions are better than ever for the fortunate minority in the comfortable First World, be assured that humanity is in big trouble and teetering closer to catastrophe, largely thanks to our overlords the neo-con globalist elite. The UK ID card will be just one more piece of the huge prison-planet system that is being constructed by these fanatics - it's naive to believe otherwise.
Andrew Jones, 14 years ago.

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