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Yes I agree with you Seymour that the potential for abuse is huge, however, before any plan is implemented we have to consider all of it's points, good and bad, before we make a decision.
This is one of those areas, I think, that is not black and white and has to be considered. There are some values in the reasons for ID cards and as you point out there is room for abuse.
The balance has to be found. What will be safe? What level of information will be held? How will this help the individual as well as the authorities?
We have to ask these questions about all sorts of changes that affect our lives so why not this one? Do we just throw it out because it smacks of civil liberties issues or do we try and turn it into something that will be useful to all?
I do not profess to have all or any of the answers….but I am looking carefully at all of the arguments before I make any decision and I am willing to consider anything that will cut down crime and make our country safer for all.
alan, 13 years ago.

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