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Alan, although you raise some good issues that plague our country today, I and hopefully any logical person see no link between these problems and ID cards. In particular your point that huge numbers of illegal immigrants entering our country suggests a 'yes vote' for ID cards.

If they are illegal, do you think there is any chance they would carry ID cards??!
Are you suggesting that a use of ID cards could be used by police to stop and check the identity of any dodgy or foreign looking person walking our streets?
Surely when considering such a draconian & authoritarian not to mention expensive measure such as ID cards, incredibly strong proof is necessary before we whould even consider such a thing. Sorry, but simply listing problems with our society provides no weight to an argument for ID cards. As someone previously mentioned, the case FOR ID cards must be proven, not vice versa.

Personally I feel the government is clearly searching for any kind of reason to put forward for introduction of this scheme.

I see absolutely NO REASON for us to carry or be issued ID cards, save as to provide a tool for the government to gain more control over the populace, the potential for abuse is huge.

I for one will never bow down to this kind of tyranny.
Seymour, 14 years ago.

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