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Alan, I think people will start complaining that we are hogging this site. But I must say, you are one of the few people who are undecided on ID cards and yet we are in agreement in most of our arguments. Life is about making informed choices, hence am sure that after this discussion your decision will be well informed and made in all honesty whether you choose to have or not to have an ID card.

Yes, it is true that Gordon Brown has no bottomless pit of money, hence one would expect the government to stop these wars in the Middle East that are wasting billions of tax payer's money and also the root causes of this hatred.
Did you by any chance go to the G8 summit last July or did you follow that with the WTO in Hong Kong. If you did not, may I just advise you that what was agreed at the G8 regarding Third World or World Poverty for that matter was never followed up. The WTO agreement has made it near imposible for ordinary 3rd world farmers to make a break through in trading their produce.

I am sure you know that poor people do not want hand outs. All they want is a fair game, where ordinary people are left in peace in their countries to develop their societies like normal intelligent individuals. They want their fertile soil to be used by local farmers growing what is best for export of that country - yet I am sure you know the recent cases of Eygpt and Korea, to name a few where these farmers are forced to grow particular genetically modified crops.

Yes you are right to say that poverty is a world problem, so how can we resolve a world problem by handing out money to individuals. If one has a brain tumour, it takes removal of that tumour, followed by chemotherapy and maybe many years of recuperation. So if we are to get rid of the whole cause of terrorism, illegal immigrants, I am sure you will agree with me that getting rid of the cause of these problems is the longterm solution. Not just plying individuals with pain killers in the case of someone with a brain tumour. As poverty, wars and terrorism are man-made and were started centuries ago, we have to brace ourselves for a long slog as well to get rid of them, but only if done the right way.

I think I will say goodbye to you and thanks for a lovely debate. Good luck with your card should you chose to have one.
florence durrant, 13 years ago.

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