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Unfortunately poverty is not restricted to the third world countries. I worked for a charity for many years in this country and I have witnessed poverty here in the UK.
Taking all of the arguments aside as to why people choose to migrate here, the fact is that we do not have a bottomless economy to support economic migration.
My anger at this migration is that most of these people are travelling across a free Europe with supposedly the same immigration laws as our own, to get to the UK.
Now as to your point about getting rid of the causes of this poverty Gordon Brown has thrown down the gauntlet to all world leaders and is trying to rally support for his initiative.
Whatever happens will not happen overnight and if one life can be saved through whatever means we deploy to safeguard a nation then the economics of it should not be a question.
Of course there are always going to be evil people who will find ways to exploit any security measures in place but there is the question of other crimes besides terrorism.
Benefit fraud and the misuse of our health services for instance. If ID cards could help to cut back on crime in other areas might the resources freed up be deployed in the war on terrorism?
The vast majority of immigrants that are here have integrated themselves into the communities and live here peacefully. They have added to a very diverse culture and in most cases have been made welcome by the different communities .But they are being looked at with suspicion because of illegal immigrants and this should not be the case.
Again Florence I have not made my mind up either way yet….I am just throwing up a few reasons why ID cards should be considered.
alan, 14 years ago.

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