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Alan, that is why I said hate breeds hate. Personally, I have witnessed both sides of the coin and like you I do my best to be on the right side of humanity, that is by being a good hard working citizen. Unfortunately in humanity we find the good and the bad, that is a fact, we find the greedy and the kind. That has not come by by imposing any doctrine, but it is human nature.

My contention on the issue of ID cards is not based on individual cases, ie the torching of the Danish Embassy or the killing of millions of other innocent people. It is purely based on the fact that it will not resolve the problem of terrorism. For a start, is there a country in this world which is free from terrorism? Maybe, but it certainly is not down to ID cards.

These immigrants you refer to do not come to England because they love England. No, it is economic immigration, people whose lives in their own countries have been completely destroyed. What you see in the media Alan is a fraction of the story. Having just come back from Venezuela, I can tell you for a start why someone from warm, leafy and beutiful South America will come to cold England for. I saw people - ordinary people ravaging through rubbish in the bins for food, competing with wild dogs. These people live in barios - a word I had never heard in the past. These barios are on mountain sides and with torrential rains thousands have been swept to their deaths. This picture I saw replicates itself all over the world. Hence I say in my argument, unless we get rid of the causes of all this suffering and hatred, ID cards will not stop human beings hating each other and killing each other.

In addition to this, have you thought of the amount of money the government will waste on these cards? Have you thought of how this data can be infiltrated by the wrong people and used by them to perpetrate more terrorism? Debates like these are not meant to be personal, but in many ways, they help people to look into these issues in a wider sphere. After all, we are all looking for a solution to the same problem
florence durrant, 14 years ago.

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