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Florence, my unfounded allegations against other people happen to have been reported and photographed extensively over the last three decades and in fact did happen.
If you are referring to the Danish Embassy protest then you have certainly not watched the news recently.
Whatever the reasons behind those protests there was hatred aimed at innocent people that was plain to see and the small minority of Muslims who did that were not concerned with the offence it caused to the vast majority of peaceful people.
As a nation we have seen our fair share of terrorist attacks on innocent people for more than 30 years.
None of us can be sure that ID cards would or would not help in the fight on terrorists but I am merely citing that as one reason they may be needed.
Another reason I chose was illegal immigrants. Why they are here is not the issue that I raised. The fact is that they are here illegally and for those of us who choose to keep to the legal side of the street this smacks as unjust.
Immigrants could benefit from them if they could show employers they were here legally and this would help to stop employers exploiting illegal immigrants.
There are many reasons why ID cards should or should not be introduced but each time anyone dares to suggest a reason for cards they are attacked with all the bad things this country is doing to make the situation worse.
If this country is so bad, why are so many people travelling across the free countries of Europe to get here?
To combat terrorism, illegal immigration and other issues that may affect our freedom and safety then we have to look at all of the tools available to us and consider each one carefully.
11 0f the 15 nations in the European Union use ID cards and maybe we could look to them and learn something about their uses. I don’t profess to know the answers but I will look at the full argument.
alan, 14 years ago.

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