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What a pity that Alan is so ignorant of what his own government is doing that he has to dream up a shallow story to protect the ID scheme. Alan, for your own information, there is no connection at all between the reasons behind the ID cards and illegal immigration. If we start connecting issues that are not connected then we lose site of our argument. Without sounding patronising, I would suggest that you read first and understand what ID cards are for, who is going to have an ID card and at what cost.

Can I just say on this issue of illegal immigration that seems to bother you so much, you are certainly lacking in the knowledge of what is causing this immigration. Put yourself for a start in the shoes of someone in Iraq, Afghanstan, Zimbabwe and all these countries supported by England in causing havoc in the lives of their own people. Of course war does not only cause death but it also causes poverty to the innocent citizens. So, if you did not complain when Tony Blair sent armed immigrants to terrorise Iraqis, or any other country for that matter, do not complain when unarmed immigrants from those countries seek refuge from the person behind their nightmare. You certainly need to read about immigration, its causes and how it can be resolved before you write such a shallow allegation.
florence durrant, 14 years ago.

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