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It is interesting to take a step back and try to understand the drivers behind this draconian and neo-Marxist approach by government. I am not condoning this action - I am vehemently against it BTW but to fight it you need to understand it - As part of the the EU where harmonisation is the goal every time, we are being shoe-horned into the adversarial model of Law ie. Napoleonic law where you are Guilty before Proven Innocent i.e back to the Star Chamber that we got rid of 100's of years ago when we put in place Common Law. You will notice that an additional part of Draconian law to this is the ID card across Europe. How many poor working people can fight against the State declaring them guilty in order to prove their innocence? How do they have the money to prove their innocence? How can they keep their livelihoods going when incarcerated? How able governments are to sweep people away undemocratically through this neo-Marxist legal framework! Look at the way the press is contained in these EU countries? Watch out and remember Amnesty's motto. Try to see the bigger picture and focus your efforts accordingly. No to ID cards. No to neo-Marxism/neo-Con - these are the same thing as extremes meet with the same outcomes.
marina, 14 years ago.

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