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what happens now?!
I was encouraged to hear that the id card plans were rejected in the house of lords again, but it sounds like the govnmnt are gonna bulldoze it through anyway, which is surely a setback against democracy in itself. So what happens next? When the views of the lords are disallowed and the voices of a lot of 'the people' are ignored, is there any hope of id cards not becoming a reality? and what does it mean for our society and the world in general? Personally I think that the scheme is a ridiculous, unnecessary and quite a scary idea. I think it will be detrimental to this country and its citizens and I do not relish the day they may be introduced. But is there any chance now that they won't be introduced? I even heard that the contract had already been tendered, and it was a 'done deal' ages ago. Anyone have any ideas about this?
B, 14 years ago.

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