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It's amazing to me that people add their support for ID cards and profess support for the leaders who wish to force this system into law. My view is not that politicians rarely tell lies and can be trusted, but that in fact that they never tell the whole truth.

At the bidding of people I dislike and mistrust, I will have to troop along to some surgery or wherever I will be forced to attend, so that a stranger will take fingerprints, retina scans and photographs, and do unknown things with them. Later when the public has swallowed the first stage of the ID scheme - blood, DNA and hair samples will probably be added to the list of required data, with even more unknown consequences.

All this from a government regime that illegally and immorally led the UK into yet more Imperialist wars where false imprisonment, torture, illegal use of banned weapons (depleted uranium, white phosphorus, cluster bombs etc.) goes on day after day unchecked. And for what - to crush Iraq back into primitive Islamic control, and to fragment the country as on the Yugoslav model.

Democracy and Freedom - yeah right!

Check out these examples of the truthfulness of our leaders:
Bush lies about domestic spying
Straw lies about MI6 torture activity
Craig Murray publishes Uzbekistan torture documents
MI6 had role in Greek kidnappings
US domestic spying
Rice orders UN spying before Iraq war
Rice lies about extraordinary rendition
Andrew Jones, 14 years ago.

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