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Pete, I do not think it is trying to "convert the masses" against these ID cards. For a start, one would expect these "so called masses", living in the UK in the 21st century to be intelligent enough to have their own views before being converted. Secondly, all these arguments which you refer to are just an expansion of the main argument "Do we really need biometric ID cards to identify ourselves of the legitimacy of our existance?" My personal view is 'No'. Hence all other arguments, for and against from my point of view are an expansion of my original answer to the question of ID cards.

I conclude by saying that, like all things in life, there are fors and against, pros and cons, and what-ever I have read on the fors will never convience me that biometric ID cards will do the job that they are meant for.They may be sophisticated as you put it, but in my 46 years on earth, I am yet to come accross anything man-made which is infallible, for what man makes by hand and brain, man can also unmake by his hand and his brain.
florence durrant, 14 years ago.

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