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Belated happy christmas to roger - and manhood to you for branding all of us good hard working citizens as fools. You are a sloof if in today's world you still believe somone who has lied to us in all his political career. Do you think even in your dreams that a stupid ID card will stop all those stupid crimes that you list? Get real my friend, according to your friend and maybe sponsor Tony Blair, the main aim of ID cards is to combat terrorism. I chuckle at that, because if you look at the English definition of terrorism, none bits those who send innocent young people impoverished by the neo-liberals laws in the UK, and all over the world to die in Iraq and all over the world. It is this state sponsored terrorism that drives young people to kill in despair. No one wants to die, that is a fact, but a lot of people are pushed to this kind of mental instability by the injustices of the world, where the lives of thousands of Iraq children are worthless - hence are killed for OIL.

So lets get real here, hospital are shutting down, schools are being privatised, all infra-structure used for day to day basis by us the working class in beyond our financial reach, yet just like a fool you want us to pay some money for a card? Good luck to you. For all you know, someone might even mug you for that ID card, so that they could fake your details, and do not tell me that in today's world there is any secure information. It is evident even with the most powerful financial organisations like the banks who are losing millions to crooks. So, stop insulting people like us, who want a better society for all, including those you brand as crooks because they are just copying the world crooks in expensive suits who you so much admire.
florence durrant, 14 years ago.

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