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My writing was longwinded, I was tapping away in shock that someone could be so unaware of reality. You mention “more of a fool than I first thought” and “all the stupid crap you read”. Perhaps you agree that Harold Pinter, one of the best respected playwrights in Britain is worth reading? Possibly you would be interested to listen to his views on Bliar and Bush, “The New American Century” and modern US. imperialism.

You could also check the views of Michael Meacher, MP since 1970 and Cabinet Minister until 2002.

Listen to Andreas Von Bulow a former German Defense Minister.

Of course there are heaps of other testimonies from other prominent and well respected people, all running roughly along along the same lines.

You could also try reading any of these:
“Crossing the Rubicon” - Michael Ruppert
“Iraq Confidential: The Untold Story of America's Intelligence Conspiracy” - Scott Ritter
“9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions” - David Ray Griffin
“9/11 Synthetic Terror, Made In The USA” - Webster Tarpley

There are scores of other critically acclaimed books on the subject of state sponsored terrorism and government intelligence fraud.

You seem to believe that none of this is relevant and nothing to do with ID card introduction. Actually these subjects are absolutely inseparable, as terrorism and the birth of a neo-conservative one world government (mostly controlled by the US. and the EU.) goes hand in hand with the formation of an Orwell-like totalitarian government. Also it is going to change societies just as in the book “1984” with the same emphasis on surveillance and a militarized police state. When you see this new world in ten or twenty years, it will be too late as your rights of privacy and free citizenship will be gone.
Of course the role of the insiders employed by the Dictatorships to suppress their enslaved populations will have some worldly rewards, just as in Nazi Germany.
Andrew Jones, 14 years ago.

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