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You can call me and other ID card rebels fools from your secure hide away, I doubt that you would insult any of us like this in person. You should wake up and realize that most so called terrorist actions are actually state sponsored operations carried out by government under cover intelligence agencies such as CIA, MI5, MI6, Mossad etc.

You should do some research and study the geopolitics of the modern world,
then you would find out some rather important realities that may change your
neo-con conformist mindset. Hard evidence is available to prove the
following realities for example.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings were carried out solely to demonstrate US.
military power to the Russians.

The Vietnam war was prolonged purposely for at least five years by the US.
for economic/political reasons.

The CIA intended to start a nuclear war at the time of the Cuban missile
crisis, and was only prevented from doing so by John Kennedy.

JFK was assassinated by a group set up by the CIA with Cosa Nostra assistance.

90% of all Cocaine and Heroin shipments that enter the US. are controlled by
the CIA.

CIA and MI6 illegally manipulated the Shah of Iran into power.

CIA and other US. agencies have illegally controlled many South American
countries for decades, including Chile, Guatamala, Nicaragua, Colombia,
Mexico etc.

CIA and MI6 knowingly manipulated intelligence (lies) in order to allow the first and second wars against Saddam.

The New York atrocity on 9/11 and the London bombings on 7/7 were knowingly
manipulated to take place by government agencies including CIA, FBI and
Mossad in order to allow valid pretexts for imperialist wars and to further the growth of a First World totalitarian empire, with the principal first steps being the militarization of police forces and the introduction of total surveillance systems (including ID cards).

The same neo-con corporations that openly supply and contract for the worlds foremost intelligence agencies are the same corporations that will operate and control the proposed new ID card systems. The future plan is for tracker boxes to be fitted to all cars, a cashless society is to be set up and all transactions will only take place upon production of a valid ID card.

In other words the CIA, FBI, MI5, MI6 etc. will all be privy to yours and every other persons personal business and physical movements.

And what can all this data be used for, think about it, with the track record these people already have do you really think you can trust them?

Go to for more information.
Andrew Jones, 14 years ago.

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