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In this strange and dangerous time many freedom loving individuals have something in common with the wise and great Harold Pinter. That is we are all disgusted and sick to the stomach with the perverse criminals who continue the farce of political and economic leadership of the "Free World". This evil sham is steeped in the blood of millions of innocent people in the past decades and it's clear the chaos only gets worse at an even faster rate. The whole world is now locked into the Globalyst One World Government project, and the huge and coldly detached business organizations that drive this plan are adeptly pulling the strings of the puppet political leaders including the gruesome duo Bush and Bliar. The multi-national corporations who make money on all sides in time of war (all the time) including from healthcare, munitions, construction, media and of course oil and other energy sources, are the same corporations who will control the new ID card systems.
Do we really want to put our whole life information details into the hands of the Military Industrial Complex, the same group of maniacs who have regularly displayed their expertise in the black arts of war, murder, torture, assassination, pillage, theft, lies and every other evil human activity. It's clear the ID card is just one more step in the long Globalyst procession towards Totalitarian Capitalist/Fascist World Government, and those who stand in the way will be crushed as recent events in Afghanistan and Iraq has cruelly shown, that is unless brave and steadfast resistance from the populace can be mustered.
Andrew Jones, 14 years ago.

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