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Our corrupt friend Jake is spot on, the only people who will bow to the threat of a fine and a criminal record are tax paying, law abiding citizens. People who have reputations, jobs and families to protect, in other words people with something to lose. So if it's not going to prevent or help solve crime (can you really see the police coming around your house in lab overalls looking for DNA after you've been broken into), it's not going to stop benefit fraud and it certainly won't put a stop to all the undeserving individuals legitimately claiming benefits. It will not stop terrorism, the notion that a card will stop fanatics blowing up the public is preposterous. So perhaps we should be asking why Tony wants us to have one so badly. Maybe his beliefs (and they are just beliefs as he is unable to come up with a single credible argument for the need for ID cards) have transcend the insignificant issue of whether it is right or wrong to impose this affront to the electorate’s privacy and moved onto the seemingly unimportant but politically crucial issue of win or lose.

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Mark Tyler, 13 years ago.

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