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It wasn't a dig Alan and I salute your open mindedness to the situation. However, I do believe this is a black and white issue. There is no point in an ID card. Leaving aside the privacy issues we have photo driving licences, we will soon have biometric details embedded in our passports (apart from the cost I'm not opposed to making passports more secure), we have national insurance numbers and bank accounts. There is no need for an all encompassing form of ID unless it is for the sole purpose of keeping tabs on the only people that will bother getting one, the law abiding, tax paying British citizen to whom the threat of a criminal record or a stint in prison is sufficient to make them play ball.

The case has not been made that ID cards are a financially viable way to solve the problems of benefit fraud. The actual cost of benefit fraud is miniscule compared with the cost of implementing ID cards. It is those claiming benefits legitimately that cost the taxpayer the most money. Is an ID card going to prevent people having children they can’t afford in order to claim child benefit and a council house? Is it going to prevent the practice of massaging unemployment figures by offering applicants incapacity benefits instead of job seekers allowance? Is it going to stop unscrupulous lottery winners claiming legal aid? Will it put an end to pensioners who have worked all their lives, many of whom have fought for our sovereignty and freedom paying extortionate council tax whilst those who won’t work get council tax benefit and receive up to £56.20 per week for doing nothing.

You know the answer to all of the above. Why implement such a costly and monumentally pointless scheme when it will not put a stop to any of the injustices or security issues our society and the world faces today. How many people could we vaccinate against malaria and other treatable diseases and afflictions like diarrhoea, which kills millions in the third world, these treatments cost pennies not billions. Maybe, just maybe instead of bombing random middle eastern countries and keeping 80% of the world in poverty through EU and US subsidises, whilst making vain attempts to protect ourselves against the rest of the world’s justified hatred, maybe we should use that money to pluck the root of fundamentalism from the festering hole of poverty, injustice and despair and instead of being universally hated, some of that 80% might just say “hey, the British government fought for a level playing field on trade with Europe and the US, lobbied against sweat shop conditions and for a global minimum wage, pressured the US, China and Australia to sign up to the Kyoto accord, paid for the drugs that saved my child.” I know it sounds naive, I’m just pointing out that there are better and less costly methods to make Briton and the world a safer place.

ID cards are not the answer.
Mark Tyler, 13 years ago.

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