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* 11.05.2010

Xmarks will live on. The once-troubled company now has a buyer, according to a Thursday blog post.

"I'm pleased to announce that we're in the final stages of completing a sale of Xmarks to a new owner who is 100 percent committed to keep our great browser sync service running smoothly," wrote James Joaquin, Xmarks chief executive.
He declined to provide more details, but said he wanted to publish the update "to let you all know that we're alive and kicking and things are on track for a 'new and improved' Xmarks." That updated version of Xmarks will include a free and a premium service, he said.

Xmarks syncs your browser bookmarks and passwords across devices and recommends new sites for you to peruse based on what others are bookmarking. Preferences are stored in the cloud and updated automatically on all of your computers.

In September, founder Todd Agulnick announced that the service would shut down due to financial woes and competition from free services on Chrome and Firefox. In the wake of the announcement, however, public support for the site came flooding in, and the publicity resulted in "multiple offers" from parties interested in keeping Xmarks alive, Joaquin said in October.

Users were also invited to use their wallets to aid Xmarks, on a pledge page where they could commit $10-$20 a year for premium service. A note on the page said that by Oct. 15, 33,768 people had signed up.

"For all of you that signed our pledge, or are asking us to reopen the pledge, please hold that thought," Joaquin wrote. "When we update the service we'll have a premium option for you to spend some of your hard earned money on, and we will be very thankful when you do!"
STAN, 8 years ago.

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