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HI! You would have had the 100,000 pledges easy - I believe - if you had advertised the need. But I respect your integrity and decision not to cry out for cash. I got the Sept 28th e-mail and was one of those who responded immediately with many others that I would be willing to pay. I never knew a pledge drive was started though and not hearing anything I was just going to switch to a different service tonight when I saw the updates and the blog with good news. I believe you should alert the greater community, or at least those who were sent the discontinuation notice, that Xmarks demise might not be so. Don't let others leave unwittingly as I was about to do. I would gladly have signed, and will sign, and do pledge - my ten dollars. Your company has a good spirit. We all wish you the best. Just make sure the new owners are committed to keeping that spirit of innovation, integrity and service alive and well. Tis' all I ask.
Sierra, 8 years ago.

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