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Don't shut down the nice service of Xmarks. Let's extend the development to make Xmarks even better.
The beauty of Xmark is obvious as soon as you realize that you can not just depend on using only one browser. Then you will appreciate the use of Xmarks to synch the bookmarks etc across browsers.
At work you are quite often foreced to use IE, due to some corporate decision to depend on MS, but would prefer to use e.g. FF or Chrome.
Therefore, the need for Xmarks is an abosolute neccessity. I hope you all agree, thus there is no equvivanent alternative available. Browsers are just keen on synching between clients and not cross browsers.
A yearly fee of $10 is reasonable to be paid by the current vast subscribe base of Xmark users. Let's gooooo for it!
Fredrik Henning, 8 years ago.

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