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I don't agree with people who suggest such low prices as $1-3 as payment for a service. Those are sums for street beggars, not a company! Neither is the idea to check for machine numbers etc. to adjust price a good idea, it would add so much complexity to the system that those few coins many people would pay wouldn't cover the expenses by far. $10 a year is really a modest price (I'd even be willing to pay 10€ ;) and I think most people can afford it (I live in a not quite wealthy country so I guess my vote counts). Personally, I don't find it any harder to pay $10 than $3 a year! For those who don't like subscriptions as seen above, why not set a hefty one time price for permanent membership (like $100 or maybe $50 would be enough?) It might be cheaper to subscribe yearly, but if they don't like subscriptions... ;)
Arny K, 8 years ago.

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