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Such a great idea and exceptional service!!

After I wrote this message and post it at the blog, I came to this page and found out that the pledge deadline has ended...

But I still leave my opinion:
$10/year is not expensive, but different persons have different usage, environments, needs and financial possibilities.

Specially for people who sync 2+ work computers + home machines, $10 would be quite cheap, I think. But for someone syncing only 2 home machines, maybe not so much...

Someone wrote about a $1 donation.
Its also a good idea, but might not be enough to keep the service, I don't know. Would also depend on how many people donate.
Well, like I wrote above some people would be glad to pay more then $10/year to keep this service. But how to set a fair system for everybody??

I'd say such a perfect system will never exist...

So my suggestion is:

Set a minimum donation per account per year, something cheap like $1 to $3. People using it at work usually have larger budgets and probably will donate more. A reference table could be given to suggest the $ donation according the usage. Businesses also have up and downs, but for sure people who are heavy Xmarks users know the importance of it, and its likely they will recognize it in $ form.

There is also a possibility to implement a control system to check the number of machines are attached to one account, or check the traffic (access) to the account (or whatever way to check the user usage), and change the minimum donation accordingly.

I think it is better to keep it like a minimum donation than making it a fixed $ charge. The difference is subjective, and the way to look at it differs a lot among people.
I'd say a donation tends to be smaller and more symbolic, but enough to keep Xmarks running.

Does anybody have more ideas?

Flavio Kenji Feijao
Flavio Kenji Feijao, 8 years ago.

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