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Somehow I missed this pledge page and just now I was looking for the other syncing websites Xmarks recommended to use after Xmarks was shut down in January and I found. Is there anyway you could reopen the Xmarks pledge for another month or so to catch all us stragglers that just found out about the pledge cause?

Point being I would like to pledge $20 but the deadline is past. It seems like my only other option is to make that pledge payment immediately right now and I am not in that position to do so until I receive my next paycheck.

Bottom line, I am pledging unofficially I guess through this comment and as soon as I can I will make the payment immediately.

And in reference to the previous comment about does Xmarks"really need"...."1-2 million bucks to save this software) Well from what I have read in the blog posts, it was broken down very well showing why it does cost so much money to run the site, software, etc. I felt you shared alot of things that you didn't need to but yet you did which makes me feel like a very valued customer. I am glad to hear Xmarks doesn't appear to have to shut down anytime soon.

Thank you for all your hard work and keeping your customers extremely happy and up to date on the progress of keeping the program alive!!
Frenchy, 8 years ago.

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