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Xmarks must stay alive!
When the death of Xmarks was announced back in September, I realized what I knew all along that Xmarks is the ONLY proper bookmarks sync app available today!
I need my bookmarks to be synced between 5 different computers/laptops/netbooks.
Therefore I need Xmarks.

It's as easy as that...

I'm ready to pay US$20 - or even more - to keep Xmarks alive.

By the way, you at Xmarks:
Work harder on informing your existing user base of this pledge.
I was not aware of it.
By chance I decided today to visit your site to see if you were still around...
I would have pledged long ago if I was told of this campaign.
You DO need to work harder on your crisis communication...

What needs to be done to be added to the "they've done it!" list:
I'm ready to back-up my pledge anytime!
Denis, 8 years ago.

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