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I really don't get the people that are saying they would pay $5 a year but not $10, or anything remotely close to that sort of penny pinching. Honestly, no one that utilizes the service and took the time to come to this site, should even have to think about it. Even those that use it infrequently should pony that amount up. I think the problem is since it has been free some people can't wrap their heads around paying for it regardless of the utility it provides. My God, this would be less than a dollar a month. I only question why the developers seemed to be so oblivious to how great a product this is. Not only that, they seemed to underestimate our wide held belief that built-in bookmark sync applications are not a perfect substitute for XMarks, It's patently clear to anyone that has had experience with using them that theirs has become the far superior "brand".
Kenneth Kier, 8 years ago.

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