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Xmarks is always the first add-on I install to Firefox. It’s essential to me. It’s an elegantly simple, effective, fast, and reliable service, with a great interface. I’m sad to hear you’re facing shutdown, sad to see the feedback for what I’m soon to face with FF Sync or other services, and shocked that you couldn’t find a buyer. Mozilla, are you listening!?

I almost missed the tiny blurb about your pledge; please consider mass-mailing your users to alert them to it specifically! But I’ve signed the pledge. Many may flock to free services, but yours is worth paying for, and I hope that the users you’d like to have on-board realize that and will pledge too! 1-time license, yearly subscription, I’m in. Good luck Xmarks crew!! You’ve done well, and I hope we’re together much longer, or again soon!
Merle L Williams II, 8 years ago.

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